Choosing Between a Cover Up Tattoo or Laser Tattoo Removal?

Choosing Between a Cover Up Tattoo or Laser Tattoo Removal?

“I guess it’s the typical story – I was young, dumb, and in love,” Plymouth native Pauline said. “So I wound up with this tattoo. It’s not huge, really – it’s just a heart. But it has my ex’s name as part of the design and seeing as we’re not together anymore?” She shrugged. “I want it gone. But what’s the better choice, getting another tattoo to cover up this one, or should I go for laser tattoo removal?”

When you have a small tattoo you really don’t love, having another tattoo done to cover it up is a common choice. This can work, depending on the size and design of the original tattoo. You’ll want to find a talented artist to work with, and be prepared to pay a little extra: many ink slingers charge more when they’re tasked with cleaning up someone else’s messes.

Cover up tattoos still leave the original tattoo in place. The artist simply adds more ink over and around the initial design. That idea bothered Pauline. “My ex’s name would still be on my skin that way,” she said. “Even if I couldn’t see it, I would know it was there. Tattoos can be more than skin deep I guess.”

Laser tattoo removal eliminates the actual existence of the tattoo over time. The laser disperses energy that breaks up the pigment beneath the skin. The pigment is processed out of your body through your lymphatic system, eventually leaving your skin looking like you’ve never had a tattoo at all.

Comparing laser tattoo removal pricing with the price of a cover up tattoo can be tricky. The best route to getting accurate numbers to make your decision is to actually talk to the professionals involved. The laser tattoo removal specialist in Plymouth can tell you how many sessions it will likely take to remove your tattoo, while the tattoo artist can quote you the price for their design services. Then you’ll be able to choose which option is right for you!