Does Having Your Tattoo Removed Hurt?

Does Having Your Tattoo Removed Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal is one way to eliminate ink you have that you aren’t in love with anymore. Sometimes we outgrow our tattoos. Images that no longer accurately reflect who we are aren’t a whole lot of fun to wear: it can be actively painful for someone to judge you based on a tattoo you got five, ten, or even twenty years ago.

Some tattoos are really painful reminders of tough periods in our lives. Whether that’s the name of a former romantic partner inked into your skin or a design representative of a lifestyle that’s not yours anymore, these tattoos are prime candidates for laser tattoo removal.

People often ask us if laser tattoo removal hurts. We’re not going to lie to you: the process isn’t completely comfortable – after all, a laser is zapping the pigment molecules underneath the surface of your skin into teeny tiny pieces that your body can naturally flush away – but it is markedly less painful than having a tattoo done in the first place.

Laser tattoo removal takes several sessions, with the exact number of treatments required based upon the size and darkness of your tattoo. The recovery period between sessions is much less painful and onerous than that that associated with getting a tattoo.  You want to stay out of direct sunlight and hot showers for a few days, and the use of a moisturizing cream is a must. Some people choose to take an over the counter pain remedy such as Tylenol to handle any discomfort they feel; of course, you will want to make sure that decision is okay with your physician.

Laser tattoo removal in Boston is very popular because many people find the discomfort of keeping their tattoos to be less than the discomfort associated with keeping them forever.