Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each treatment take?

Because the laser is a Q-switch the treatment is extremely fast. Treatment time does depend on color and size, but most only take several minutes. This quick treatments process allows for you to fit a treatment into any day without inconvenience.

Is removal covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately laser tattoo removal is not currently covered by health insurance. However, with competitive prices and special offers, combined with state of the art equipment, we can keep the number of your treatments and the cost low.

Can my whole tattoo be removed?

YES. Here, at Out of Ink, we strive for the very best results. Most tattoos can be entirely removed,  but it does depend on the ink density, the type of ink used and your body’s immune system. Ninety-five percent of tattoos CAN be entirely removed, however it takes a different amount of time for each individual.

How many times will it take to remove?

Every individual is different. Your body’s lymphatic system is responsible for breaking down and filtering out the ink from your skin after the treatment. The healthier your lifestyle is, the faster and more effectively your tattoo can be removed. Generally, most homemade tattoos will take between 3-5 treatments, while professional tattoos will take between 5-12 treatments to remove.

I am embarrassed of my tattoo or where it is. What do you suggest?

We respect that you have made the choice to get a tattoo, as well as the choice remove it. We also realize that this is a personal decision. Out of Ink provides a professional environment, where your comfort is our number one priority.

Does it hurt?

The color and/or location of the tattoo will determine the sensitivity to the laser. As in getting a tattoo, the level of discomfort varies with the individual. Although it may be slightly uncomfortable for some, most people describe their experience as extremely tolerable and quick. Our Zimmer Chiller aides in minimizing or eliminating any discomfort.