Laser Tattoo Removal Makes Moving On Much Easier

Laser Tattoo Removal Makes Moving On Much Easier

“Everyone’s got a story about a relationship that just didn’t work out. Mine just happened to be written on my arm for the whole world to see.” Jenn had a fairly large design on her left forearm that featured her ex-husband’s name. “Of course, someone looks at that, and they’ll ask, “Who’s James?” She laughed. “James is someone I’d rather not talk about, thank you!”

Jenn tried to wear long-sleeve shirts that kept her tattoo covered all the time, but that wasn’t really the ideal solution. “I live in Plymouth, and let me tell you, it gets hot here in the summertime. When it’s seventy, eighty, even ninety degrees a long sleeve shirt just isn’t a very realistic option.”

Jenn also felt that having her ex’s name tattooed on her was keeping her from moving on with her life. “Guys would see it, and figure that I’ve got somebody, there’s no sense even talking to me…talk about discouraging,” Jenn said. “Dating is tough enough without a stumbling block like that in my way!”

“I had heard that having a tattoo removed was very expensive,” Jenn said, “but then a friend I work with had a tattoo taken off. It took her a little while to have it all done, but she didn’t have to pay for it all at once either. So I looked into tattoo removal pricing and was happy to find that it did actually work for my budget.”

When choosing a laser tattoo removal shop, consider more than price, Jenn urges. “Do you really want the lowest bidder working on your skin with a laser?” Jenn asked. “You want someone with skills and a good reputation. Shop around until you find a provider you feel can do a good job for you. It’s worth it!”