Our Equipment

The Quanta Q-Plus C is the ONLY three true wavelength system in the world that will target all tattoo colors. Using Nd:YAG 1064, KTP 532 and Ruby 694, we can treat all colors, even the hard to treat blues and greens.

With this machine comes the difference in technology and results. The Quanta uses a square beam rather than a round beam. The square beam eliminates the laser pulse from overlapping while treating. The result is a stronger, more precise and safer treatment. Along with the best laser we also have a Zimmer Chiller. This machine blows 20 degree air on the skin during treatment to help numb the area and reduce or eliminate any discomfort.

The Quanta works on what is called a Q-switch (short for Quick Switch) which means the laser fires in billionths of a second. This provides an extremely fast and effective treatment. The laser uses a non- ionizing radiation, meaning it does not change any cell structure. Depending on the wavelength used by the laser, different pigments of ink in the skin are targeted and broken down into smaller particles using a thermal acoustic wavelength. Over the next several weeks, your body’s lymphatic system will slowly clean away the ink particles, expelling by the body.

Ink sits in different depths in the skin. Using correct wavelength will target specific ink colors, increase removal speed, and decrease the number of treatments.