Quanta Q plus C vs PicoSure

Quanta Q plus C vs PicoSure

PicoSure –Vs- Quanta Q plus C
There have been several people that have heard of the PicoSure laser being the “best” laser on the market and have inquired if we use it. We have chosen not to, and here is why;
Lasers are like other technology. There is always going to be the “latest and greatest”, but is the PicoSure really? No. The proof is in the wavelengths. In fact, if you know your physics and where ink settles in the skin, the Quanta Q Plus C works much more specific at the EXACT depth that each color ink sits.
The Quanta is the only laser in the world to uses 3 TRUE wavelengths. These wavelengths are 1064, 532, and 694. The energy of these wavelengths represent the depth that the laser targets the ink at. They are very specific. Different color ink sits in different depths of the skin. Black sits the deepest and is easiest to remove. It is targeted by 1064. Red/orange sit at the least depth in the skin and is targeted by 532. Blue and green, though sometimes harder to remove, don’t stand a chance to the Ruby 694 wavelength.
So why does the PicoSure have a wavelength that is 755? This was one of the first wavelengths used for tattoo removal. It falls right between 694 and 1064. Essentially the reactions happens past the 694 (blue/green) wavelength and stops before 1064 (black) wavelength. Yes it works, but it doesn’t go deep enough into the black and it bypasses the blue and green. Even though the colors are effected by the wavelength it does not hit any specifically, nor at the correct depth. Also the Quanta has the highest fluencies, out of any laser, in all wavelengths. (Strongest ink breaking ability)
PicoSure claims that “the area will heal more quickly, with less damage to the surrounding tissue”. Here at Out of Ink, 95% of our clients tell us that they forgot that we did a treatment by the next day, or even by that night! How much faster can you get?
Quanta is still the only laser that uses a square beam rather than a round beam. This is where the advantage comes in. On a circular beam, such as the PicoSure, spots are overlapped. Overlapping treatments result in skin damage that can be permanent. With a square beam, pulses are precisely stacked in an even fashion for best results and least damage.

We have had customers come in for a treatment and then go try a session with the PicoSure. The feedback that we have received from many was that “the difference between the PicoSure and Quanta was the huge bill I received after my PicoSure treatment”. Some have said they have actually noticed less movement of ink after a PicoSure treatment.

Remember, It’s not just the machine! It’s the knowledge of the technician. Anyone can turn a laser on, press a bunch of buttons and fire the machine. The extensive knowledge of how the machine works, physics, tattoo ink, anatomy and physiology play a huge role is safe and effective removal.


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