R20 Method and Why We Don’t Recommend It

R20 Method and Why We Don’t Recommend It

Several times a week we have customers call us and ask if we use the R20 method. We take the time to explain to them why we DO NOT and why we do not recommend it.

It is not because we can’t do it or don’t want you to go elsewhere. It’s because we want you to have great results and safe treatment.

“R20” is a fancy word for a dangerous process in which you receive 3-4 treatments on the same tattoo in the same day. In the tattoo removal industry this in known as “Heat Stacking”.

During the treatment the laser seeks the ink pigment and breaks it into smaller particles for your body to filter out. When the ink breaks apart there is a small amount of thermal energy created. The “heat” of the thermal energy is nothing that you can feel, it is going on at the cellular level. The “heat” lasts 6 seconds in the inked area after the ink is broken apart. This is referred to as “Thermal Relaxation”. With our “Zimmer” chiller we use during the process we reduce this to 1 second and this is why we have excellent results and a very low chance of blistering the area.

With the R20 method the area is treated 3-4 times, 20 minutes apart. This is creating significant damage to the skin due to heat stacking. Companies that perform the R20 method claim that it can remove the tattoo faster with less treatments. In fact, they are damaging the skin and greatly increasing the chance of leaving permanent marks and scars and actually increasing the amount of treatments you may need. Not to mention, they are charging 2-3 times the cost to do this.

The tattoo removal process is unfortunately not a process with instant gratification, but, with the correct treatment and working with a knowledgeable Laser Removal Technician you can ensure that you have a great chance of completely removing your unwanted tattoo.

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