Tattoo Removals

Out of Ink Tattoo Removal – Summer 2014

We have had a great summer and we would like to thank all of our customers and local tattoo shops!

We have had many local clients from Plymouth and Cape Cod and also people travel from as far as Rhode Island and New Hampshire to see us because of the results we are producing. Also, we have found one thing in common with almost every single customer. They have all stated that the laser tattoo removal process was far less uncomfortable than they had been told or thought it was going to be.

Out of Ink Tattoo Removal has seen a recent increase in clients that have one thing in common: thet Miliary. The Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy have always had tattoo policies in place, but recently the rules have changed for the United States Army and tattoos are the only thing holding some great people back from enrolling. Another common reason for tattoo removal is for jobs, and more specifically the Police Departments. Especially the Massachusetts State Police and the Rhode Island State Police. They now have a policy that does not allow visible tattoos while wearing short sleeves.

Our Quanta Q has proven its greatness at removing those hard colors like blue and green. We have even had great success with the notoriously hard to remove inks. These inks tend to be the better tattoo inks such as Eternal Ink, Fusion Ink and Silverback Ink.

We have also seen many great tattoos this summer. Tattoos have become such an art form and people have become “Tattoo Collectors” seeking after different artist for specific styles of tattooing. Several of our customers have come to us to get their old ink faded so they can get a cover-up. The tattoo shops are excited about our results and pleased to find that there are no scars and they can easily tattoo the skin over where we have done treatments.