“My tattoo removal is going great, I can’t recommend “Out of Ink” enough … Anyone  considering a removal and looking for a clean and professional place to go , this is the place.”

Sue B. – Acushnet, MA

“I have a zodiac symbol for Taurus behind my ear and I dislike the dang thing with a passion. It was my first experience having a tattoo removed. Jonathon was very professional and explained all the precautions to a laser treatment and how it works. I had a very pleasant visit. I will definitely be back for my other treatments coming up.”

Patricia L. – Plymouth, MA

“So far great experience. Jonathan was very upfront and honest. Great pricing as is and caught a good special too! Shop is very clean and pretty setup. Made me feel good that he is in the medical field. I would recommend to friends and family in need of his services. :)”

Amanda M. –  North Falmouth, MA

“For something that you know will be mostly unpleasant….this experience was the opposite. Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable and uncompromisingly professional (not to be underrated since I was exposing some rather personal skin). Knowing he has a medical background as well as a clean CLEAN, professional, nicely appointed space also helped with my comfort level. The process itself was quick (10 minutes) which makes the physical discomfort tolerable, along with Jonathan’s chilling the area prior to, and checking in with me throughout the process. I’ve had 5 treatments and my tattoo is fading considerably!!! Looking forward to the last few…..I’m so glad I found Out of Ink and that I finally did what I’ve been wanting to do for 20 years!! What took me so long???”

Lorna C.   -Duxbury, MA

“Jonathan was so great in explaining the removal. He is very professional and the first removal was so quick. I am happy to be going to Out of Ink Laser Tattoo Removal :)”

Suzy B. – Acushnet, MA

“Had my first session today. Jon is a class act. The shop is immaculate, equipment is state of the art and the price is right. I’m sold. Thanks again Jon!”

Chris G. – Plymouth, MA

“Just had 4 tattoos done a few hours ago. I’ve been to another tattoo removal place in the past and Out of Ink is the best, hands down! Jonathan is very knowledgeable and explains the entire process. The equipment is excellent and the pain isn’t bad at all! Nothing compared to what I’ve endured before! Also zero blood, where at the other place I went to, I would bleed like crazy!
If you are looking to get a tattoo removed, this is where you need to go! You won’t regret it and the price really can’t be beat!!”

Lisa T.   -Foxboro, MA

“This place is really nice.  The office is clean and professional and Jonathan is an EMT/Paramedic who really knows what he is doing.   He explains the process very well which made me feel confident and relaxed during the procedure.   He cools the area as he works the laser so there is virtually no pain during the removal.  By the time I left his office I had forgotten that had even had anything done.  The whole procedure took less than two minutes.  I would recommend Out of Ink to anyone wishing to remove or fade their tattoo.”

Dusty R   -Nantucket, MA

“Very pleased.  Flexible and available with scheduling, best pricing I’ve found anywhere and a military discount.  Jonathan seems very knowledgeable and straightforward.  The treatment was over in a few minutes and no more painful than the tattoo itself.  And this actually works.  I was told possibly not to expect results until the second treatment but a portion of the tattoo was already 50% faded an hour after the first treatment.  Very satisfied.”

Dan L.   -Plymouth, MA

“Out of Ink is the way to go if you’re looking to have your tattoos removed.  I have seen results, and am looking forward to having no tattoos.  Jonathan Hopfgarten is the consummate professional.  Knows all, and relays much info, which puts you at ease with the procedure.  The price is unbeatable.  Package deals are available.”

Ralph D.   -Plymouth, MA

“My first time visiting Out of Ink was very positive and the experience was of great professionalism! Very knowledgeable and had great advice! After care is easy and common sense oriented! Very wonderful experience already have my next appointment scheduled! Thanks a lot Out of Ink!”

Ryan P.   -Sandwich, MA

“I went for my first treatment on 6/27. I have had gone to another shop previous that charged a lot more and caused bleeding and irritation. Jonathan has the newest equipment, the best prices around and is very knowledgeable.”

Wes S.   -Wareham MA

“This is my second laser tattoo experience. Jonathan was excellent. He was professional, caring, and considerate. His prices are exceptionally reasonable compared to my other experience. I wish that I would’ve know about Out of Ink for my first experience.”

-Mirinda T.    -East Sandwich, MA

“Jonathan really knows his field and does a great job explain everything from A to Z in how to process works and what to expect. There were no surprises when I hit the chair! The shop is extremely clean and he is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Out of Ink to anybody!”

Michelle C.   -Centerville, MA

“What a great experience, I was very nervous going into the shop. The shop is very clean & you know he strives to make sure he’s always professional & cares about his work. Jonathan was very informative & he made sure I knew EXACTLY what I was signing up for. I went from being nervous to fully confident in Jonathans word that every thing would go smoothly. His work speaks for itself, for a very large piece I sat in the chair maybe 15 minutes, he made sure I was comfortable as I could get & checked on my status throughout the whole procedure which was only mildly discomforting. I would recommend Out of Ink to any one, if you’re looking to get a piece removed, Jonathan is the only guy you should see.”

Jill W.   -Weymouth, MA

From a local tattoo artist:
“So I’m in the process of removing my entire left sleeve, my plan is to remove it to the point where its light enough to start something new. I just did my 1st laser removal yesterday Out of Ink Laser Tattoo Removal with Jonathan Hopfgarten.… This guy knows more about tattoo removal than anyone I have ever known. Incredibly knowledgeable, & professional with the most state of the art equipment available. John is a paramedic, & a volunteer fireman but more importantly he is a tattoo collector & knows way more about tattoos than what most dermatologists. I would recommend John to anyone looking to lighten up a tattoo or remove one completely. Its not as much as you think & hurts less than the tattoo. Even if your just a little curious about the process call John he is a super nice guy & will definitely answer any questions, or better yet take a ride down to Plymouth & check out his amazing studio & equipment.”

Jeff B. -Berkley, MA.

“John was amazing, he’s so knowledgeable that I felt completely comfortable in his care. I live in Providence, but the quality of work is worth the drive!”

JR R.   – Providence, RI

“I had laser work done from another place and they hacked my arm. It was painful. The moment I walked into Jonathan’s place, he was upfront and genuine. The cool air helped and the tattoo is coming off surprisingly easy. It looks great after three visits and am impressed. Jonathan is very professional and knows his equipment. The price is much more reasonable than what I was paying. I would recommend Out of Ink to anyone.”

Kenny K.   – Marshfield, MA

“I always felt skeptical about tattoo removal from what I’ve read online, but after meeting with Jonathan any concerns I had were quickly put to rest. And after my first session, I was sold. Super down to earth, professional, flexible, and knowledgeable, I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. What I liked most was that you can tell Jonathan truly wants you to be happy with the process and finished results. If I’d known it would be this quick easy and affordable I would’ve started sooner!!!”

Jason S.   -Plymouth, MA

“I would highly recommend out of ink to anyone. I was very impressed..in many ways..very clean. Johnathan very knowledgeable explained everything and I was very comfortable with having and during my first treatment. He is very honest and not trying to sell you a bill of goods… looking forward to having my next treatment. Very affordable too…I was nervous about the $…..you don’t leave feeling like someone just took your wallet…..or that “you’re just another customer”..keep up the great work and care for your customers…see you again soon.”

Karen C.   -Plymouth, MA

“Where to begin John is awesome he will give you as much info. on the process and what to expect. I entered the store and before I knew it first session was happening. It’s a very fast process with great results. John will follow up with you through all sessions on what to expect at each stage of your removal. A great atmosphere without all the head games. Would recommend “Out Of Ink” to anyone but don’t take my word stop in and experience it for yourself. You will be anything but disappointed.”

Rich L.   -Plymouth, MA

“Had worked with two different laser removal service places, and this place has blown out of the water. He is not only thorough, but realistic and genuine with clients. He’s got some of the best technology available. I am very, very impressed. I would send anyone and everyone his way”

Jessica K.   – Sagamore Beach, MA

“Jonathan was awesome and made me feel extremely comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and made sure to explain the process so I knew exactly what was happening. I can’t wait to go back for my next session. After going to Jonathan, I would never consider going anywhere else for laser tattoo removal.”

Christine C.   -Halifax, MA

“This place is awesome! I’m from the cape and the 60 minute drive is totally worth it. The shop is clean and professional. Jonathan is super nice and really accommodating to peoples needs and schedules. He is also extremely personable and makes the scary process not as scary. He seems very passionate about his work and even has tattoos himself! The process is quick with a little bit of pain. If you could handle getting the tattoo you can handle this! He is reasonable with his pricing and totally honest. Definitely go here if you need a tattoo removed!”

Alexandra L.   – West Harwich, MA

“I’ve had 3 treatments so far on my old/unwanted tattoos and couldn’t be happier with the results. Jonathan is very professional & and provides detailed information about the process & follow up care. The office is welcoming & clean and scheduling/rescheduling appointments is a breeze. The pricing at Out of Ink is very reasonable and it’s worth every penny. The procedure itself does hurt a bit…but no worse than actually getting a tat…and it’s much faster. My tattoos are relatively small and each one takes less than 30 seconds to treat. I’m impressed with my whole experience and am looking forward to being tat free!”

Kimberly W.   -Plymouth, MA

“Walked in yesterday for a consultation with Jonathan and he explained more clearly about the treatment. He was kind and professional and before I knew it ,I was in the chair having my first treatment. Treatment was so quick it was over literally in seconds. Office was immaculate and well decorated I might add:)))))) Will DEFINATELY be sending referrals!!!!!”

Melissa P.   – Plymouth, MA

“I am so impressed with my experience at Out of Ink. Jonathan is so educated and passionate about what he does . During our consultation he explained every step of the process to me . He made sure I was fully educated on what to expect. He showed me examples of previous removals to give me a visual of what different results may occur from each individual. Most importantly, he was real with me. He didn’t promise anything, he gave me the facts of what may or may not be possible. I so appreciate his honesty. The actual laser treatment was a breeze and I have no after pain at all. The office is very nice, super clean and very relaxing with some beautiful artwork. His prices can’t be beat, I’ve checked! I highly recommend Out Of Ink and am looking forward to my next session.”

Kim M.   – Hanson, MA

“Jonathan is a great people person, he answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable before the session. He follows ups with emails the day after making sure everything is OK. Great person, great customer service. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed. Thanks!”

Cos R.   -Bridgewater, MA

“I would highly recommend Out of Ink Tattoo. I was very skeptical about the process and Jonathan made me feel so comfortable. He took the time to show me and explain in detail about the process. The rates are very reasonable and I had minimal discomfort with the procedure. If you are looking to remove a tattoo, I would say you can’t get better service than at, Out of Ink Tattoo.”

Heidie H.   – Plymouth, MA

“Johnathan is great! he is very professional and told me exactly what he could do for me. he got me an appointment within a day or two from when I called and he charged me half of what other people had Quoted me! his shop is very clean and he knew what he was doing! I will be sending all my friends to him in the future. I recommend going to him first! It was very relaxed and not a doctors office!”

Charlie S.   -Mashpee, MA